Realizing how important exposure is to the performing artist/band,

we have created a media package exclusively for you.

All you have to do is purchase a banner ad on (see example to right)

Americana Rhythm Music Magazine’s web page

and here is what you get:

Your color, linkable ad banner will run on Americana Rhythm's web page for a FULL year.

  1. Then: We’ll conduct a 20/30 minute live phone interview with you –
    about you, your band, or your new CD.
  2. From that, we will create a feature article to appear in an upcoming print issue of Americana Rhythm magazine’s Inside Track feature. (see example below)
  3. Once the magazine is published, the complete digital version will appear on our site where you can link to the page with your article. (
  4. The interview will be turned into a MP3 podcast which will run on our podcast channel,
    Americana Music Profiles,
    and appear on iTunes where you can link and download the interview for your own use.
  5. Each issue is now available to over 100,000 libraries across the country too!
    And YES! It's very affordable ...
    Email us with questions or to schedule your interview, or phone at (540) 433-0360.